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Azure and other cloud-based services help to drastically cut the need for in-house infrastructure and its associated costs, whilst offering better scalability, a shorter time-frame between development and deployment, and increased uptime and security.

Azure is the best choice for hosting and developing business-critical applications, but also for rapid prototyping, futureproofing, and cutting down on the time-to-market timeframe for new deployments.

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It's in the Cloud

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Uptime has the capability to help your company with its digital transformation, whilst setting you up for future success. With the use of Azure, both legacy applications and new additions to your portfolio can be securely, reliably, and cost-effectively hosted and developed in the cloud, enabling you to focus on the business side of things, not the infrastructure surrounding it.

We have a proven history of creating Azure-based solutions that perfectly match the needs of your company, whilst offering increased efficiency, security, and revenue growth. Our processes are designed to offer you flexibility and peace of mind thanks to the use of Agile and DevOps derived methodologies, which enables us to offer resilient solutions and at the same time minimize risk, as well as cost and time overruns.

Our experienced team of developers is well-versed in creating cloud-based applications that are future-proof, scalable, and highly cost-effective. Be it multi-tenant SaaS services, Enterprise Applications, legacy app to cloud migrations, or custom B2C/B2B mobile and web applications, our top-level team of developers is up to the task.

Incredible team

Our aim is to be with you during the entire life cycle of the integration process – from preliminary analysis, concepts, and scope mapping, all the way to design, development, testing, launching, monitoring, and support. We know that the better we understand the needs of your business, the better the results we can come up with – that’s the beauty of long-term partnerships.

Strong tech stack

With our experience dating back to 1992, Uptime has always put an emphasis on populating its team with the best and the brightest. This enables us to offer a top-level tech stack for our clients, which includes, among others, .NET, Java, Node, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Swift, and PHP. Combining this tech stack with our business know-how and the ability to understand our customers’ business processes, enables us to create integration solutions that drive revenue growth, improved efficiency, and innovation.


Med applikationen AQKunder360 har danske pengeinstitutter fået et nyt intelligent værktøj til vurdering af bankkunder. Gennem smart udnyttelse af data og komplicerede beregninger understøtter den nye software, at pengeinstitutterne indgår sunde bankforretninger med kunderne.
Kombinationen af Uptime Developments forretningsforståelse og ekspertise inden for udvikling af komplekse integrationer har sikret L’Oréal Luxe skandinaviske afdeling et smart, effektivt og stabilt budgetteringssystem.
Med en nyudviklet, brugervenlig hjemmeside og en intelligent forbrugsberegner er kunderejsen i top hos danske ALFIX, der er en af Skandinaviens førende B2B producenter af professionelle systemer til gulv-, væg- og facadekonstruktioner.

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